Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ariel and Cut Tari Video Has Higher Quality

Issue of Ariel and Luna Maya leaked video is still on-fire, and the heat added with the circulation of another leaked video of Ariel. This time the woman in the video is Cut Tari, TV presenter. The 50,8MB file size video show Ariel and Cut Tari in a room. She wears green dress with black tank top.

The video circulating in online forums and Youtube is have far higher quality then the previous one. Looks like it's taken with a better camera than a cellphone camera used in the previous video. The duration is also longer, 8.45 minutes.

From the video metadata, can be seen that it was taken on November 18, 2006, at 18.18 pm. The circulation of the video makes public hold their breath again. If in Luna video the woman have butterfly (or flower) tattoo, in the Cut Tari video, the woman is wearing a ring in the left and right small finger.

The man who looks exactly like Ariel is wearing black watch in his left hand. Is this really Ariel and Cut Tari, or just looks very similar? At this time, either both of them can't be confirmed.


June 9, 2010
TI Experts have confirmed that the video is real and Ariel could be threatened with 12 years jail sentence for violating Indonesian Asusila Law.

July 11, 2010
Cut Tari held a Press Conference and released a statement, admitted that the woman in the video is her. She apologize to her husband and all Indonesian people.