Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ariel Peterpan Beats Tiger Woods in the Affair of Conquering Women and Become the Living Don Juan

The circulation of Ariel leaked video has become the hottest topic ever in the history of Indonesian celebrities. Ariel Peterpan, ex-vocalist of the best-selling, multiple award-winning and numerous Platinum award pop-rock band from Indonesia, Peter Pan. Even until now, the name Peterpan still used to refer to Ariel, whose real name is Nazrul Ilham.

Ariel Peterpan shocked the Indonesian public when his video with numerous Indonesian celebrities such as Luna Maya and Cut Tari leaked on the internet. What's more shocking is, there are 23 more videos of Ariel Peterpan with Indonesian celebrities, according to some online forums.

This phenomenon reminds us of Tiger Woods with his alleged mistress. Both Tiger Woods and Ariel Peterpan could be considered as the living Don Juan today in the entertainment world. However, in the matter of conquering women, Ariel has far edge on Tiger Woods.

Counted, there are only 14 women who allegedly the mistress of Tiger Woods, and it's all revealed by confession. On the other hand, if Ariel really has 23 more videos of him with Indonesian celebrities, then he has surpassed Tiger Woods, by conquering a totals of 25 celebrities including Luna Maya and Cut Tari. But the number just shows us the women who had video with him. There is big chance that Ariel still have many other women, whom he didn't record.

Suddenly, Ariel Peterpan has become a living legend, a master of women conquering in the eye of Indonesian man. His popularity might have decreased to the girls following his video leak, but not for the boys. To them, Ariel Peterpan is the greatest man in Indonesia, the Man of the Century, the Living Don Juan, the only man who is able to conquer most of Indonesian celebrities.

As the topic is growing, we just hope that Ariel would reveal how many women he had conquered in his short adventure as the living Don Juan. Maybe he can even gain followers who worship his ability to conquer women.