Saturday, May 22, 2010

Olla Ramlan, the Tattoo Girl

Febiolla Ramlan, well known as Olla Ramlan, born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980 is a model and actress. Olla Ramlan started her career as model, then play in various TV serial. Later, she cast in some movies that raises her name, one of them is Suami-Suami Takut Istri the Movie. Other things recognized from Olla are her tattoos all over her body.

Many of her friends joke with her tattoos, referred to them as 'Family Tree'. This is because the tattoo is a list of names of her family members.

Olla Ramdan become famous when played in a comedy serial Orang Kaya Baru (OKB) with the phenomenon Sule, Parto, Raffi Ahmad and Olga Syahputra. She also featured as guest star in Pas! talk show, showing some of her tattoo.