Friday, April 23, 2010

Kim Kardashian dan Cristiano Ronaldo Rumored to Have Special Relationship

Rumored to have special relation with Cristiano Ronaldo, the Hollywood star Kim Kardashian quickly denied. The sexy model denied to have romance with Ronaldo in Miami, Florida.

According to her, kissing with a man is not an odd thing to do. "According to US media, I have kissed many man. If you hang out with the same person every time, that can be called dating" she said.

The model who have a pose in Playboy Magazine challenge the person who spread the rumor. "Who said that? I hope to find out soon" said Kim.

If no one confessed, Kim will keep finding out. "I guess it's normal to girls. It makes me happy. I'm a single anyway" she said.

Not long ago, Kim said to be chased by Manchester City's player Wayne Bridge. When Bridge on approach, rumor spread about her romance with Cristiano Ronaldo. Most likely, Kim's denial can be a clarification for Bridge.