Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dewi Persik and Indra Bruggman Hot Kiss Scene

INDONESIA - Dewi Persik is back to shake the entertainment world with her hot kiss recording. Dewi Persik captured by camera when kissing with Indra L Bruggman. There are four videos of Dewi Persik and Indra Bruggman circulating in Youtube.

This kissing scene is indeed a movie scene. But the scene become awkward when the Director already said cut, but Dewi Persik keep kissing with Indra Bruggman. Indra himself ask the movie crew not to disturb them. Of course, all the movie crew become crowded and cheer them to keep kissing.

However, no one knows that after the movie shoot, Dewi Persik and Indra Bruggman continues their 'movie scene' outside the studio. An entertainment journalist saw them and take a photo of Dewi Persik and Indra Bruggman. The photo proved that there are something special between these two. But that's just how Dewi Persik keep her name on the top of entertainment world. It's not Dewi Persik if there's no sensation and controversy.

Although the videos already circulating over the internet, Dewi Persik still denied their special relationship. She explained that she only trying to get in-depth feel with her role in the movie.