Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Erika Kirihara Movie List Before Arisan Brondong

Do you know who Erika Kirihara is? She is the pretty and sexy Japanese girl that play in the movie Arisan Brondong with Bella Saphira. It turned out that Erika Kirihara is a Japanese movie star, just like Miyabi and Rin Sakuragi. Of course many people are shocked knowing who she really is, including me. No one ever thought that the Japanese girl in Arisan Brondong movie is actually a Japanese movie star.

If you don't believe it, just search for Erika Kirihara photos on Google and you will find a lot of her hot photos.

I've managed to find some of her movie title. I'm sure there are still many that I couldn't find, because some are using Japanese word. Don't blame me, I can't read Japanese word hahaha...

Here's the list of some her movie. I hope it can help you to order it from DVD store or download from internet.

... what? free download link? don't even think about it. All these movies are sold in DVD for $7.50 each!

Erika Kirihara Movie List:
  • Erika High Life
  • Hot Wife Want to Give Hot
  • Campus Mate Seducer Collegehottie
  • Savage Hot Wife Before Husband
  • Sporty Vision (also featuring Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi)
  • Unnatural Girl
  • The Girl From the Future
  • White Spaces
  • Hold Me Up
  • The Unknown Beast (featuring Rin Sakuragi)
  • Rupture of Salvation
  • Nightmare (co-starring Etsuko Sekiguchi)
  • Blow Them All
  • The Sacred Room