Sunday, December 20, 2009

Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan Video Protested in Facebook

Luna Maya's leaked video with Ariel Peterpan in online forums is still causing the pros and cons, especially in cyberspace. Different opinions emerged, there are others who defend and attack the celebrity couple Luna Maya-Ariel Peterpan. Based on observations by Balontang, until Saturday (19/12), there have been thousands of people joined in a group on Facebook.

Group calling itself the "Luna Maya Video Is Not True" in the Facebook site, for example, now has 11,855 members. "There's no boundary between privacy video and public consumption!" said one member of the group wall.

This group was created as an effort to encourage the public to understand the position of Luna Maya and Ariel, understanding the code of ethics, and not pushing them further with the issue.

Another group, the "Movement Support 1,000,000 Facebookers Opponent Luna Maya" currently has 1024 members. "First to see what is causing Luna Maya do things like that. What is questionable, why would Luna Maya done things like that," said one member of the group.

While "Boycott Luna Maya", the group who disagreed with the Luna Maya video has succeeded in recruiting 4508 members.