Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jill Gladys

Everyone should agree that Monica Jill Gladys Rahardja (Jill Gladys) is so cute. She has beautiful eyes like cute actress Asmirandah and a bright smile like Sandra Dewi or Aura Kasih. She looks like Korean Superstar, Mandarin actress , or Chinese star, Miyabi.

She was Born at 7 october 1986 , Don't be surprised if the 22 year old Gladys is a mother of a son , like Wulan Guritno or Joana Alexandra.

Besides beautiful girl who is a descendant of Chinese as a model of these ad ad Biore, Regeese cheese, ABC Green Beans, Adem Sari.

Jill gladys rising her career in a short time. Less than two years, Jill has 14 headline ads, more than 20 TV serials and FTV, and play in three films at once.

For newcomers, that's a quick jump of career. The Biore advertisements stars recognizes the fair, she does not know how all of that can be approached. Only one believe that she, and all she had achieved is a gift from the God.