Sunday, October 18, 2009

Video Aura Kasih

Buzz about Indonesian artist video keep rocking the media. Either the video really exist or not, the news always explosive. Every time there's a news about video of Indonesian artist, the search engines in the internet will be spammed with the artist's name. At least it's a good indicator of the artist's popularity. The more popular she is, the more people will search for her name in search engine.

It's already a week, the search engines are hit by thousands of people typing the keyword "Download Aura Kasih video". The total searches in all Google domain shows approximately 8,000 queries for the keyword. That means, more than 1,000 query per day.

Everyone should agree that Aura Kasih is undoubtly very beautiful and sexy. Maybe that's why when people heard about the existence of her video, everyone quickly find out whether it's true or not.