Monday, March 30, 2009

Nafa Urbach Insists the Leaked Video is Fake

Nafa UrbachINDONESIA - Indonesian singer Nafa Urbach insists that the recent leaked video is not related to her in any way. She is not the individual in the video and will never do things like that.

"I still have morale. I would never recorded things like that" she said.

The recent leaked video shows a girl who looks like Nafa Urbach. Even though Nafa Urbach insists that the video is fake, this incident hits her career hard as many contracts and concerts are put on hold until the case is solved. Police had started investigation to find the person behind the circulation of the video and promised to inform the public about any progress they made.

If the person behind the circulation of the video is arrested, he or she will be likely sentenced for maximum of 12 years jail.

Meanwhile, the IT experts who served as special witness in the case, are in the process of identifying the video. The results of their investigation may be released to public in the next two or three days.

Nafa Urbach is now on break from all her activity as an artist, to help her recover from the tension of public opinion. As an information, leaked private video is considered taboo in Indonesia, unlike other countries with free-speech.